National Team

2016 Rio Selection Camp Invitations

USA Wheelchair Rugby on February 25, 2016

Invitations have been sent out to the following athletes for the 2016 Rio Selection Camp, taking place 27 April – 1 May, 2016 in Birmingham, AL.  All invitees are strongly encouraged to read through the Selection Procedures, posted on our website under the “About Us” section.  Any athlete not receiving an invite who would like to petition for an invitation should view the Petition Procedures and ensure to adhere to all requests by stated deadlines.  Please note that placing a petition does not guarantee an invitation, that final decision will be decided on by the Selection Committee.  Any and all questions can be directed to Mandy Goff, High Performance Manager, at

Jason Regier

Jeff Butler

Clayton Braun

Eddie Crouch

Chad Cohn

Lee Fredette

Scott Hogsett

Landon Groff

Andy Zimmer

Jeremy Hanaford

Joe Jackson

Adam Scaturro

Mike Schamburg

Kevin Crombie

CJ Brown

Ernie Chun

Joe Delagrave

Derrick Helton

Nick Springer

Seth McBride

Will Groulx

Andy Cohn

Eric Chase

Chuck Melton

Eric Newby

Mike Schacherbauer

Bryan Kirkland

James Sa

Lee Mercado

Josh Wheeler

Clayton Brackett

Jake Daily

Cody Kingsland

Chuck Aoki

Chance Sumner

Rob Deller

Delvin McMillian

Alex Pabon

Kory Puderbaugh

Paco Torres

Josh Brewer

Anthony McDaniel