National Team

2017 Selection Camp Attendees

USA Wheelchair Rugby on December 21, 2016

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the following 26 athletes to the 2017 National Team Selection Camp, trying out for a spot on the training squad. Selection Camp will take place 4-8 January, 2017 at Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, Ala. The Committee will nominate up to 16 athletes that will train and and compete leading up to the 2017 Americas Championship, set to take place in the late summer.  The zonal competition will be the only opportunity for the top two finishers to earn an automatic qualification to World Championships in 2018. Best of luck to all the athletes attending and GO USA!

James Adams

Chuck Aoki

Clayton Brackett

Josh Brewer

CJ Brown

Jeff Butler

Ernie Chun

Chad Cohn

Kevin Crombie

Jake Daily

Joe Delagrave

Rob Deller

Ryan Engelby

Lee Fredette

Joe Jackson

Talbot Kennedy

Chuck Melton

Josh O’Neil

Alejandro Pabon

Daniel Pitaluga

James Sa

Mike Schacherbauer

Nick Springer

Mason Symons

Tim Vixay

Josh Wheeler