National Team

2018 Selection Camp Attendees

USA Wheelchair Rugby on December 11, 2017

USA Wheelchair Rugby is pleased to announce that 33 athletes will be attending the 2018 World Championship Team Selection Camp January 3-7, 2018. Over 35 athletes received an invitation to attend, three of which were rescinded due to their legal status within the USQRA. Additionally, the Selection Committee received three petitions for an invite and all were granted.  At the conclusion of the camp the committee will nominate up to 16 athletes who will train for a spot on the GIO 2018 IWRF World Championship team, to be named in May.  Congratulations to the following men and women!

Chuck Aoki

Earl Bowser

Clayton Brackett

Clayton Braun

CJ Brown

Jeff Butler

Ernie Chun

Chad Cohn

Jake Daily

Joe Delagrave

Rob Deller

Liz Dunn

Chris Fleace

Lee Fredette

Jorge Hernandez

Joe Jackson

Talbot Kennedy

Ryan Kress

Chuck Melton

Matt Milstead

Josh O’Neill

Alejandro Pabon

Daniel Pitaluga

Kory Puderbaugh

James Sa

Adam Scaturro

Emily Shryock

Katie Smith

Joe Snyder

Mason Symons

Paco Torres

Tim Vixay

Josh Wheeler