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2020 Selection Camp Announcement

USA Wheelchair Rugby on November 1, 2019

A little over a week ago, USAWR wrapped the 2019 season with a huge win and today marks the start of the 2020 Selection Process. Invitations for the 2020 USA Wheelchair Rugby Selection Camp were emailed out to 39 athletes and the camp will take place at Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, AL December 11-15, 2019.  The following athletes have been invited to attend camp and a response, either accepting or declining the invitation, is due back no later than Friday, November 15, 2019 to Mandy Goff at  If an invited athlete chooses not to participate in the team selection camp, vacancies of up to a maximum of 40 athletes will be filled based on accepted petitions received by the stated deadline and at the discretion of the Selection Committee. More details surrounding the camp will be posted after all submissions have been received.  The training squad of up to 16 athletes selected will compete for a spot on the Paralympic Games Team roster of 12.  The Paralympic Games will take place August 25-September 6 in Tokyo, Japan and will be the seventh Games the U.S. team has competed in. Athletes can find posted Selection Procedures and other pertinent documents under the About Us section.

James Adams

Chuck Aoki

Clayton Brackett

Clayton Braun

Josh Brewer

Jeff Butler

Ernie Chun

Chad Cohn

Jake Daily

Joe Delagrave

Liz Dunn

Chris Fleace

Lee Fredette

Kevin Hamilton

Ray Hennagir

Jorge Hernandez

Brad Hudspeth

Montrerius Hucherson

Eric Ingram

Joe Jackson

Talbot Kennedy

Tom Knaus

Andre Lampkin

Tony McPherson

Chuck Melton

Matt Milstead

Mike Monthervil

Eric Newby

Josh O’Neill

Alejandro Pabon

Kory Puderbaugh

James Sa

Adam Scaturro

Nick Springer

Mason Symons

Paco Torres

Tim Vixay

Josh Wheeler

Jake Zunich