National Team

2022 Selection Camp Invitees Announced

USA Wheelchair Rugby on November 9, 2021

Forty athletes have been invited to the USA Wheelchair Rugby 2022 Selection Camp scheduled for December 1-5, 2021 at Lakeshore Foundation U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site. Sixteen athletes will be selected for the 2022 Training Squad. USAWR will have a busy season of competition with the Americas Championships January 23-30 in Medellin, Colombia and WWR World Championship October 8-17 in Vejle, Denmark. For more information, please contact Jen Allred at

Sarah Adams  
Jeff Andrews  
Chuck Aoki  
Travis Baker  
Clayton Brackett 
Clayton Braun  
Sebastian Broussard  
Jeff Butler  
Ernie Chun  
Chad Cohn
Jake Daily  
Liz Dunn  
Chris Fleace
Lee Fredette 
Kevin Hamilton  
Ray Hennagir  
Drew Hoffman  
Montrerius Hucherson 
Brad Hudspeth
Chris Hull
Joe Jackson  
Talbot Kennedy  
Mandy Marchiano  
Chuck Melton 
Matt Milstead
Mike Monthervil  
Eric Newby  
Josh O’neill 
Danny Pitaluga  
Kory Puderbaugh 
Zion Redington 
James Sa  
Kiland Sampa  
Jason Sandor  
Adam Scaturro
Josh Smith  
Mason Symons 
Talon Teague  
Paco Torres  
Tim Vixay  
Josh Wheeler