Headshot of Lee Fredette

Lee Fredette

Bio: Growing up, Lee Fredette dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. After an injury at the age of 19, Fredette believed that dream to be all but gone until he discovered wheelchair rugby. Like many of his contemporaries in the sport today, Fredette was introduced to wheelchair rugby through the ground-breaking documentary, Murderball. After watching the film, Fredette says his new dream was obvious: making the USA Wheelchair Rugby roster and representing his country. Now, after 9 years on the team and two Paralympic silver medals to his name, his goals have evolved to reflect his veteran role on the team. “I want to step up as a leader to help the younger guys reach their potential,” says Fredette. As one of USAWR’s low point athletes, Fredette primarily competes in a defensive role for the team, working to set picks and slow down the opposition. His love for the hard-hitting nature of the sport makes him a perfect fit for the role. Off the court, Fredette likes to stay busy with a variety of hobbies including handcycling, water skiing, playing poker and watching movies. He also enjoys spending time with his family, including his six brothers and sisters. So much so that Fredette owns a water sport rental business with his father and brothers in his hometown of East Moriches, NY.