Headshot Sarah Adam

Sarah Adam

Bio: Sarah Adam’s path to joining USA Wheelchair Rugby is a little unique. While most of her teammates were introduced to the sport through rehab or Murderball, Adam discovered the sport as a volunteer during occupational therapy school. She continued volunteering for several years before being classed into the sport in 2019. Coming from a family of athletes, making the transition from volunteer to player just made sense to Adam. “I've always been a competitive athlete. When I couldn't compete in able-bodied sports, I needed to fill that gap. Wheelchair rugby fills that need to be active and competitive. I grew up with two brothers, and both my parents were athletes growing up, so I've always had a sports minded upbringing.” Adam describes her style of play as “cerebral,” viewing wheelchair rugby as a large chess match and aiming to be three moves ahead of her opponents at all times. As a higher-class 3.0, she often fills the roll of ball handler, making the strategy she enjoys so much a vital aspect of her role. But that isn’t to say she doesn’t enjoy the speed and contact that the sport offers, too. Heading into the Para PanAmerican Games later this year in Chile, she is hoping to become an impact player for Team USA and play a key role in the team’s qualification for Paris 2024. Outside of wheelchair rugby, Adam is a professor of occupational therapy at Saint Louis University in Missouri. While her days are filled with teaching and training, she enjoys low-key game nights with friends and family. Sarah Adam's classification is 2.5F.