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Tri Nations 2017 Schedule Announced

Jen Allred on April 26, 2017

Lakeshore Foundation is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2017 Tri Nations Tournament featuring teams from Canada, Japan and the United States of America.  The game schedule is included below, recaps will posted daily on this site as well as on Lakeshore Foundation’s website.  You can catch the daily live stream here.  This will be the only domestic tournament for the Americans this year who will travel next to Japan for the Japan Para Wheelchair Rugby Championship May 25th-28th. This all leads up to the 2017 Americas Zonal Championship, set to take place in Asunción, Paraguay, September 3-10th.  The zonal competition will be the only opportunity for the top two finishers to earn an automatic qualification to World Championships in 2018.

2017 Tri Nations Tournament

May 10-13, 2017 Lakeshore Foundation Birmingham, Alabama


May 10th (Wednesday)

Time         Location              Teams                                         

2 p.m.          Court 2        Japan vs. Canada

5 p.m.           Court 2        USA vs. Canada

8 p.m.           Court 2        USA vs. Japan


May 11th (Thursday)

11 a.m.        Court 2        Canada vs. USA

3 p.m.         Court 2        Japan vs. USA

7 p.m.         Court 2        Japan vs Canada


May 12th (Friday)

11 a.m.        Court 2        Japan vs. USA

3 p.m.         Court 2        Japan vs. Canada

7 p.m.          Court 2        USA vs. Canada


May 13th (Saturday)

2 p.m.         Court 2        2nd/3rd

5 p.m          Court 2        Gold Medal Game (1st vs G10 Winner)

**First team listed is the home team and will wear light jersey**