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USA Wheelchair Rugby Announces 2018 Training Squad

Jen Allred on January 7, 2018

USA Wheelchair Rugby is pleased to announce their 2018 training squad following a four day selection camp at the Lakeshore Foundation U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site in Birmingham, AL.  These 16 athletes will train and compete throughout 2018.

Amongst the athletes selected today are Milstead and Torres who are making their national team debut.  They join eight Paralympians – Butler, Cohn, Fredette, Scaturro, Delagrave, Melton, Wheeler, and Aoki as well previous national team athletes-  Pabon, Jackson, Kennedy, Chun, Daily and Deller.  “The athletes who were at camp this week had our selection committee working overtime,” said Head Coach James Gumbert.  “Their efforts, sacrifices and drive displayed some of the best performances to date.  What we saw this week was a glimpse into the future of USA Wheelchair Rugby.  It is exciting to see the continued growth of our sport.” 

Congratulations to the 2018 USAWR training squad.

2018 Training Squad  

0.5 Matt Milstead – Grand Rapids, MI

0.5 Jeff Butler – Austin, TX

1.0 Chad Cohn – Tucson, AZ

1.0 Lee Fredette – Tucson, AZ

1.0 Joe Jackson – Phoenix, AZ

1.5 Adam Scaturro – Lakewood, CO

1.5 Talbot Kennedy – Atlanta, GA

2.0 Joe Delagrave – Prairie du Chien, WI

2.0 Ernie Chun – Phoenix, AZ

2.0 Chuck Melton – Richview, IL

2.5 Jake Daily – Lakewood, CO

2.5 Josh Wheeler – Tucson, AZ

2.5 Alejandro Pabon – Beaumont, TX

3.0 Rob Deller – Acworth, GA

3.0 Chuck Aoki – Minneapolis, MN

3.5 Paco Torres – Tucson, AZ